Operations and Maintenance. Photovoltaic Parks

Through the service of operation and maintenance of photovoltaic parks, Armand Group, through Armand Energy, handles commercial administration, more precisely, transacting the electrical energy produced and the green certificates.

The following services all see to that:

  • Negociating and obtaining sales contracts for the electrical energy that was produced and the obtained green certificates.
  • Communicating with the network operator
  • Communicating with Transelectrica in order to obtain green certificates.
  • Managing the relation with SRB (the side responsible for balancing)
  • Communicating with OPCOM in order to sell electrical energy and green certificate
  • Preparing and monitoring the billing process for electrical energy and green certificates
  • Monitoring the completion of transactions on the energy and green certificate markets
  • Communicating with certain public and private entities (as in utility suppliers)
  • Providing consultancy for ANRE reports

Filling out monthly reports
Performing analyses of energy and green certificate markets
Monitoring and reporting legal changes in the area of energy