Industrial Solutions

Operation and Maintenance
Through the service of operation and maintenance of photovoltaic parks, Armand Group, through Armand Energy, handles commercial administration, more precisely, transacting the electrical energy produced and the green certificates.
Supplying Energy
The liberalization of the electrical energy market in Romania poses advantages for consumers that come from the business medium. It has the effect of turning it into a competitive market. Armand Energy, as an authorized and ANRE licensed supplier of energy can become your partner, working toward reducing electrical energy costs.
Solar Energy
At a global level, the tendency strides towards using renewable energy more and more in spite of the more traditional ways. Investments in photovoltaic systems are now a substantial source of income as they maintain a continuous expansion in Romania. Armand Energy wants you to be a part of that and offers an investment opportunity in photovoltaic systems placed on building roofs (Rooftop).
Wind Power
Wind power is the energy source with the quickest growth in recent years. Today, it is used at a large scale as wind turbines are being built all over the world. Wind power plays an important role in the global energy mix. Armand Energy presents the advantages and opportunities of the renewable energy sector.
Biomass comes in all three forms: solid, liquid and gas. It is the biodegradable part of products, refuse and residue from agriculture, including plant and animal substances from forestry, but also all that is biodegradable from industrial and urban refuse.