Through the Armand Energy division, Armand Group offers expert solutions in the field of energy. We are more than qualified to help you as we also manufacture renewable energy and supply it to the industrial sector.
Armand Energy
Armand Energy, part of Armand Group, has made itself noticed quickly by development leaders in the area of renewable energy from both Romania and Europe. In place of fossil fuels, in short amount and damaging to the environment, we bring you alternatives by delivering you great solutions for solar, wind and biomass/biogas energy systems.
Renewable Energies
We provide professional services and products in the field of renewable energy - solar, wind, hydro and biomass/biogas.
Industrial Solutions
Effective industrial solutions, providing high-quality conventional and unconventional energy - solar, wind, hydro or biomass/biogas. Energy Armand offers investment opportunities in renewable energy, covering all the steps with you from consulting and design to implementation and follow up maintenance.
Residential Solutions
For your home, Armand Energy can help you with the design, implementation and maintenance of an effective renewable energy with low cost - solar energy, wind or hydro power, all systems able to produce all or just a part of the electricity needed for your house.
Armand Energy owns a big portfolio as a provider of turnkey solar parks. Our team of professionals has delivered over 50 solar systems in the past five years, from industrial rooftop photovoltaic installations to high capacity power plants.
In order to make our services and products from the photovoltaic energy field more efficient, the strategic objective of Armand Energy is tied to a continuous optimization of technology and to bringing innovation with new products. Armand Energy does not only strive for better technologies for photovoltaic systems, it also pays attention to criteria for durable development.