Supplying Energy

The liberalization of the electrical energy market in Romania poses advantages for consumers that come from the business medium. It has the effect of turning it into a competitive market. Armand Energy, as an authorized and ANRE licensed supplier of energy can become your partner, working toward reducing electrical energy costs.

You will benefit from:

  • The quick and free change of your present energy supplier
  • Up to 30 percent off of your electrical energy bill
  • Transparency in regards to how we construct pricing

By choosing us as partners for your business, as an energy supplier, Armand Energy can offer:

  • Our proven experience in the field of energy
  • Pre-contract consulting
  • A personalized offer, well adapted to the profile of your business
  • A well thought out payment system that works to your advantage
  • Assistance and support for the entire length of the contract

With the purpose of reducing your business’ energy costs, our team of professionals stands at your disposal.

Our experience as an energy supplier for both Romania and Europe comes as confirmation for Armand Group’s professionalism.