Wind Power

Wind power is the energy source with the quickest growth in recent years. Today, it is used at a large scale as wind turbines are being built all over the world. Wind power plays an important role in the global energy mix.

It is stated that the overall technical potential of wind power could produce five times more energy that it is currently used on earth. Romania carries the best wind power development potential in all of south-eastern Europe as an increase in the production of wind power is expected in the next years, from 1941 MW to 3500 MW.

Business in the modern world is done both with profit and preserving the environment in mind. Within this overall strategy, wind power offers viable economical solutions. New technologies allow the development of power plants that are silent, safe and efficient for long periods of time.

Wind power offers great advantages for the industrial sector:

  •  reduced energy costs;
  • a shield against energy price fluctuations;
  • low costs for the renewable energy technology;
  • wind power, as a form of solar energy, is inexhaustible;
  • it reduces the carbon footprint as it does not pollute, nor leave any residue;
  • reaching the objectives and ecological standards of the company;
  • a good image towards clients and business partners;
  • 95 percent of the surface needed for a wind farm can be used for other purposes, hence, we find wind turbines more often in rural environments, where farmers can carry on their activities;
  • reduced costs of disassembling;
  • can be used on farms for pumping water.

Armand Energy can help you gain these advantages by offering:

  • free and extensive consulting;
  • profitability of your investment and maximum wind turbine efficacy coupled with support for their entire cycle of functioning;
  • supplying and installing the wind turbines while reaching the highest standard of safety and efficiency;
  • operations and maintenance services;
  • technical and project evaluation;
  • financial consulting and obtaining the necessary documents.