Residential Solutions

Solar energy
If you are considering the installation of a solar panel system for your home, it is important to know the main differences between photovoltaic and thermal systems and between on-grid, off-grid and composite ones. Knowing the amount of energy you need and details related to the space will help you establish which of these systems suits you best.
Wind Power
If the wind exceeds a speed of 5 meters per second in the area in which you live and you want lower energy bills or if you simply don't have access to the local electrical grid, you might consider building small wind turbines. The latter are electrical generators that use wind power to produce clean energy, with no pollutants.
Micro Hydro Plants
In order for a micro hydro plant to be able to supply energy to your home you need access to a small river on which the system can be installed. The energy potential is conditioned by the water's fall and flow. This sort of system can cover your energy needs for the entire day.