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Armand Energy holds a successful portfolio as a photovoltaic park supplier. Our team of professionals has delivered over 50 photovoltaic systems in the last five years, ranging from rooftop photovoltaic industrial installations to high high capacity power plants. We are ANRE certified for developing, constructing and verifying photovoltaic electrical systems.

With the needs of our clients in mind, Armand Energy develops, constructs and connects solar power plants to the grid on time and on budget. With our high-end real-time monitoring system, we make sure that solar park performance reaches or exceeds the prognosis.

We have a proven track record in supplying components and technologies in the solar energy field, EPC services and development partnerships of photovoltaic parks on the utility scale. Armand energy will work with you in order to deliver the most financially advantageous solution for using renewable resources in electrical energy production.

A precise assessment of financial benefits is made easy by green certificate compensations, a detailed estimate income and the use of reliable technology. Armand Energy supports you in all stages of your successful investment, starting from searching a proper place up to installing the photovoltaic park. In the building process we will use our proven experience in detailed planning of photovoltaic parks while our experts and specialized engineers choose the best technology and components for your investment.

West Sempower 511kW DMT Solar 993 kW
Terrain Surface 13.000m² 21.000m²
Right of usage SPV private property SPV private property
Installed electrical power 511 kWp 993 kWp
Number of panels 1.734 3.366
Installed power per panel 295 W 295 W
Panel Model CSU N 295- 72M CSU N 295- 72M
Installed power per inverter 15 kW 15 kW
Inverter type Danfoss TLX- 15 Danfoss TLX- 15 Pr o
Supporting Structure Type Fixed installation Fixed installation
Degree of tilt 30° 30°
Accreditation 6 green certificates 6 green certificates
Functioning since June 2013 June 2013
Lotus Energy 4 MW Samson Power 7 MW Sol Stark Power 45 MW
Location Approx. 25 km south of Deva Semlac, 80 km north-west of Timisoara Approx. 75 km south-east of Cluj-Napoca
Installed power capacity 4.000 kWp 7.000 kWp 45.000 kWp
Status Ready for construction Ready for construction Ready for construction
Due Dilligence Hategan Law Office Hategan Law Office Hategan Law Office
ANRE authorization Obtained Obtained Obtained
PPA/GCPA Yes/10 years Yes/10 years Yes/10 years
Accreditation 3 green certificates 3 green certificates 3 green certificates
Financing Up to 85% possible Up to 85% possible Up to 85% possible
Connected to the electrical grid