Bicaci 0.99MWpoza

Armand Energy completes a new 0,99 MWp solar PV park in the western region of Romania

20.10.2015 11:29, Publicat de

Armand Energy – the Photovoltaic Division of Armand Group has completed works on a photovoltaic park with an installed power of 0.99 MW in Bicaci village , Bihor county .

The PV plant was designed and built by Armand Energy for a private investor, SC Servagrosal LLC and consists of 3,960 Amerisolar A- S6 – P30 250W Modules and 47 SMA STP20000TL inverters. The renewable energy produced will be injected into the grid covering the annual consumption of more than 1,200 homes in the area.

” Our planet receives in one hour from the sun  more energy than mankind uses in one whole year . For free! All we have to do is capture and make use of this free infinite energy source . “

Armand Energy provides expert solutions, design& planning, installation and advanced technology for renewable energy projects. The environment plays a key role in the evolution of our society and Armand Energy team believes and acts for its preservation.