Trigeneration systems / CCHP

Trigeneration is the process through which a part of the thermal energy produced by a biomass cogeneration installation is utilized to generate cooling for air conditioning or refrigeration. In other to supply this function, an absorption chiller is connected to the cogeneration system (CHP).


Benefits of using trigeneration systems:

  • on the spot production of highly efficient electrical and thermal energy;
  • reduced costs on fuel and energy;
  • a drop in the use of electricity during summertime, when the demand is the highest;
  • the engine heat can be used to produce hot water steam to benefit from on the spot;
  • significant decrease of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • the absence of noxious chemical pollutants since the water is used as a refrigeration agent.


Trigeneration systems supply three types of energy:

  • electrical energy
  • thermal energy
  • cooling