Photovoltaic Glass


Armand Energy – official distributor Onyx Solar

As an accredited professional of ONYX SOLAR, Armand Group can provide customized solutions without modifying the architectural design in order to transform the entire surface of a building into an energy producing PV Power Plant.

PV Glass is a new high tech building material that has all the properties of Glass like thermal, UV and Infrared insulation, countless configurations of color and transparency, but with the notable fact that the PV Thin Film that is encapsulated inside produces electrical energy through the photovoltaic effect.

PV Glas can be integrated in existing buildings through retrofitting or designed in new buildings having the same properties as the desired glass. We can provide turnkey solutions for PV Glas skylight, ventilated facades, spandrel, curtain wall, canopy etc.

Furnizam solutii de integrare a sistemelor fotovoltaice in constructii precum panouri transparente sau colorate, panouri semitransparente, panouri translucide, sticla solara fotovoltaica, luminatoare fotovoltaice, perete cortina fotovoltaic, pavaje pietonale fotovoltaice colorate si iluminate retroactiv, acoperis fotovoltaic terasa si inclinat.

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