Micro Hydro Plants

In order for a micro hydro plant to be able to supply energy to your home you need access to a small river on which the system can be installed. The energy potential is conditioned by the water’s fall and flow. This sort of system can cover your energy needs for the entire day.

The power that such a system can generate is able to cover the needed amount of electricity for the entire day. The functioning principles is defined by transforming potential energy of basin stored water in mechanical energy.

Micro hydro plant advantages:

  •  a good energy source for a remote settlement, with no access to electricity;
  • reduced exploitation and maintenance costs;
  • a very safe system to use;
  • high efficiency;
  • do not produce contaminants, gas or residual materials;
  • natural water is in a continous circuit, insuring the regeneration of the source;
  • the ability to use the basin water for irrigation or other purposes;
  • pisciculture opportunities;
  • regularization of water courses, contributing to avoid floods and land slides.

Armand Group helps you find the right solution for you by supplying services and the necessary components to finalize your micro hydro plant project and implement it, after with it offers support and maintenance.