Wind Power

If the wind exceeds a speed of 5 meters per second in the area in which you live and you want lower energy bills or if you simply don’t have access to the local electrical grid, you might consider building small wind turbines. The latter are electrical generators that use wind power to produce clean energy, with no pollutants.

A small wind turbine can be connected to the electrical grid through the energy supplier or it can be independent (off-grid) when it comes to houses found in remote locations, where connecting it to the local grid is not possible.

  •  Advantages of using wind power for homes:
  •  Access to electricity and energy autonomy – in case of remote houses;
  • Considerable savings on your energy bill and the assurance that you will never run out of electricity when the wind speed is low – in case of on-grid wind turbines;
  • Being ecological, with no pollutants.

The Armand Energy team can help you with analyzing data in order to find the best solutions for your home but also with the actual building of the wind turbine according to the budget and with maximum efficiency.