Solar Energy

Although we live in a world that offers us endless sources of sustenance, we chose to exploit the ones that are in a limited amount, sources unable to regenerate as quickly as we would like them to. Not only are fuels like coal and oil finite, they are also bad for the environment. Fossil fuels help cause the greenhouse effect – their burning leads to the atmosphere overheating through the pollutants released. It is not too late to take action and resort to renewable sources like solar energy.

Solar energy is renewable and it comes in two types: electrical and thermal. We can use these two types directly and we obtain them with the help of solar panels, The latter transforms the energy coming from the sun in the more convenient thermal and electrical types.

Ranging from small electrical systems up to great capacity electrical power plants, new technologies led to an increase in efficiency and, implicitly, an increase in the demand for solar energy. We refer to solar parks, energy autonomous communities, people with no prior access to electricity who resolved the issue with an independent system of solar panels.

Due to new technologies discovered in this niche, the performance and capacity of solar panels have considerably increased in recent years. Theory transformed into practice. What was once a distant perspective of energy independence, or even a goal of reducing costs for electrical and thermal energy by using the solar one is now a practical and financially attractive option that is also viable on the long run.