Solar Energy

Solar Panels through Armand Consulting

At a global level, the tendency strides towards using renewable energy more and more in spite of the more traditional ways. Investments in photovoltaic systems are now a substantial source of income as they maintain a continuous expansion in Romania. Armand Energy wants you to be a part of that and offers an investment opportunity in photovoltaic systems placed on building roofs (Rooftop).

By installing a photovoltaic system on the roof of a building you stand to gain from selling electrical energy but also from certain strategies meant to help the expansion of renewable energy usage.

Rooftop Systems – Benefits:

  • getting to exploit a space that was previously stood unused (the roof);
  • a source of income for the entire period in which the system functions;
  • the long life expectancy of a photovoltaic system (25 years);
  • the short period of time in which you gain back your investment;
  • low maintenance costs;
  • minimal impact on the environment.

What we bring to the table.

  • an experience of over 5 years in putting together and operating photovoltaic projects in romaina and abroad;
  • an ANRE license for developing and building electrical systems;
  • specialized engineers in the photovoltaic system (SMA Academy, Germany);
  • experts in the field of renewable energy;
  • the ability to bring the most optimal solutions to you.

We offer a complete service package for Rooftop photovoltaic systems:

  • financial and technical consulting;
  • a free personalized simulation of your investment;
  • designing, authorizing, executing, operating and maintaining your photovoltaic system;
  • warranting our service and equipment quality.