Watt Predict

Watt Predict is a system that is able to estimate electrical energy production for the next day.

This service is a result of the partnership between Universitatea Politehnica din Timisoara and Armand Group on the cluster platform of Sustainable Energies from Romania – ROSENC.

Watt predict is meant to be used by the ones that produce energy with photovoltaic panels and by the ones that trade electrical energy from renewable sources.

By estimating your photovoltaic installation’s production of electrical energy, you can benefit from:

  • A better capitalization of electrical energy produced by photovoltaic parks;
  • A decrease in penalties caused by inexact estimation on electrical energy production from photovoltaic installations;
  • Being in accordance with the national legislation in this field;
  • Personalized solutions for the specific needs of every client;
  • Easy access to production data, offered by a user-friendly interface. The precision of delivering values taken at hourly intervals;
  • Tech support through a Help Desk system.