Armand Energy

Armand Energy, part of Armand Group, has made itself noticed quickly by development leaders in the area of renewable energy from both Romania and Europe. In place of fossil fuels, in short amount and damaging to the environment, we bring you alternatives by delivering you great solutions for solar, wind and biomass/biogas energy systems.

Our team of professionals and engineers has delivered tens of renewable energy systems, ranging from the ones fit for houses to the ones suited for a high capacity power plant. We are ANRE certified to design, build and verify electrical systems.

While keeping our clients’ best interest in mind, we aim for the highest quality possible in the allocated budget and time frame while also making sure that the performance parameters of our installed systems is on par or even exceeds the production prognosis. Our electrical energy supplier license opens the door to more competitive prices for electrical energy to our industrial clients in Romania.

Armand Energy offers expert solutions in the area of renewable energy, specialized consulting, development and installation. We also the have high end professional equipment to do it with. The environment plays a primordial role in the evolution of our society. The Armand Energy team strongly believes in its mission and does its best to preserve our surroundings.