When it comes to building structures, both industrial and civil, project management may encounter several hurdles on the path to success. The large number of people from different educational and cultural backgrounds may burden the process.

For this reason, a real estate investor must choose an experienced, successful entrepreneur with a big project record, project that were done on time and in the limits of the established budget. Armand Group considers itself to be such a company. The numerous and important projects in which it acted as general constructor speak for themselves.

Renowned for its capacity of constructing new buildings but also for specializing in restoring older ones, Armand Group build quality solutions in safe conditions, offering trust and long term relations, bringing added value for its clients.
Housing Constructions
Armand Group offers you professional services in the field of house building. You can profit from the vast experience of both our company and our employees. Our objective is to execute works of an excellent quality while taking care of the smallest details and offering assistance forthe duration of the entire work.
Passive Housing Constructions
The passive house is renowned for low, if not zero, consumption of energy. It uses all alternative resources of energy to the fullest, be it solar or even originating from the human body. A passive house does not bring a decrease in comfort, it simply optimizes it.
Smart Home Automation
By choosing to turn your home into a smart home, you and your entire family will benefit from the comfort, functionality and safety that you dreamed of. Armand Group integrates technologies designed to offer an unprecedented level of efficiency and simplicity.
In accordance to the client's demand, we execute and configure thermal, sanitary, electrical and HVAC installations of the highest quality. Our team of experienced professionals will do this on time and within the established budget together with the Armand Group client.