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Armand Group became an official partner of Spanner Re² GmbH for systems of biomass cogeneration

25.06.2015 13:17, Publicat de

Armand Group, together with Spanner  Re² GmbH, will offer complete solutions for biomass cogeneration systems in Romania.

Wood-based cogeneration plants generate electrical and thermal energy by using natural wood chips. Designed with users in need of large quantities of electrical and thermal energy in mind, wood cogeneration plants are an affordable solution in obtaining energy.

Companies that process wood are left with large piles of wood material waste, following the production process. The aforementioned wooden material could be recycled with the best option in mind. In order to recycle or even move the waste, large sums of money are paid to waste disposal companies. A step that can be easily bypassed by installing cogeneration systems.

Cogeneration are based on the consumption of biomass materials (wood waste) to then transform it into resource that can be exploited, such as electrical or thermal energy.In collaboration with Spanner Re² GmbH, Armand Group will offer the best systems designed for cogeneration plants using wood. The quality of such systems has been proven by the company time and time again, during the many years of continuous development, while successfully applying these solutions in different industrial fields.”