Aktisol Nutrients





Silicon based micronutrients – the innovative product that will help you increase agricultural productivity

AKTI SOL – offers innovative solutions based on silicon formulas for vegetable, fruit-growing and agricultural crops patented for 30 years



We stand to offer the ideal nutrient for agricultural crops for clearly superior productivity.

Silicon is the main catalyst affecting plant growth. By using the Akti Sol product, your crops will benefit from:

  • Optimization of nutrient intake through the roots, strengthening the immune system by placing silicon with boron in the plant’s epidermic tissues
  • Optimization of plant growth and development: biotic and abiotic stress resistance, extreme weather conditions, drought (expansion of the radicular system in accordance with the gathered nutrient reserve), storms ( a thicker, more elastic stalk), acid rains, hail and so on.
  • Developed plants with more biomass; Increased chlorophyll production, superior mass and an increase in photosynthesis.
  • Better seed quality and overall increase in production
  • Superior returns on soil that’s rich in salt.

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To find out more about our product, return levels depending on areas and types of crops. Please do not hesitate to contact us. By choosing AKTI SOL products you can turn any crop in a successful business endeavor.