Irrigation Systems

When it comes to agriculture, photovoltaic panels are the ideal economical solution for supplying electrical energy. Photovoltaic systems prove to be more economical then connecting to the national electric current grid when it comes to agricultural irrigation. The resilience in unfavorable weather conditions, the long distance from utility networks, the fact that it doesn’t require qualified personnel for supervision, makes solar panels the most frequently used solution in agriculture, more efficient than generators and wind turbines.

Water pumping with the aid of photovoltaic panels is one of the simplest and most adequate ways to use solar energy.

Irrigation systems that utilize this technology are used frequently due to their efficiency. These systems use submersible pumps that extract water from under the ground or surface pumps that bring water from a source in the proximity, water stored in a basin. For these irrigation systems, continous current pumps carry a very important role: they have a high efficiency while using a small amount of electrical energy for pumping water. The second pump, also fueled by solar panels, will push the stored water towards the cultures.


  • A better efficiency in irrigation processes
  • An important reduction of agricultural risk by overriding certain weather conditions;
  • Better the environment and reducing sources of pollution.

Each system that uses alternative energy must be thoroughly developed. The rpice of the system depends on the design and optimization.

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