Cogeneration Systems

Cogeneration units transform biomass extracted energy into electrical and thermal energy.

These transformations may be used as following:

  • electrical energy + thermal heating energy;
  • electrical energy + thermal cooling energy:
  • thermal heating energy + thermal cooling energy.

Wood-based cogeneration plants produce electrical and thermal energy out of biomass (natural wood pellets) Wood-based cogeneration plants represent an affordable way to supply energy, especially for users in great need of electrical and thermal energy.

In collaboration with Spanner  Re² GmbH, we develop complete solutions for wood-based cogeneration systems. These systems’ quality has been proven by the company during the many years of continuous and varied applications in different industry fields.

Each year, Spanner manufactures thousands of biomass cogeneration systems and complete installations for drying wood pellets.

The benefits of using cogeneration systems:

The advantages of cogeneration installations lie in the fact that two energy systems can be obtained at the same time, in relation to the most efficient parameters and configuration.